Noctem Virtual Results

Thank you all for participating in Noctem Virtual! Please find the results below!

Hello everyone! It's finally time, time for scores to come out!

So, at the request of many, evidenced by the massive "Orz" storms in our Discord server, we bring you, the results for Noctem Virtual.

To begin, prizes.

For all those in the top 5, you will be forever immortalized on our website, for bragging rights.

For those in the top 3, each team member will receive a corona-virus tainted Noctem T-Shirt! We will be contacting you shortly!

Finally, for the one and only top 1 team, they will receiving everything listed above, as well as a 25 dollar gift card to top it all off!

Of course, we can't give out prizes without winners, so here is our list, of the winners of Noctem Virtual:
  1. blair blezers
  2. CCC
  3. 299iq (Formerly Western and Russian Demolishers)
  4. Caliente

Congratulations to all that participated, and to those who won!

Due to grader difficulties in the beginning of the competition, both 299iq and Caliente will be receiving the prizes for 3rd place! more prizes!

If you are not on the scoreboard but would like to know your scores and your position, please contact us!

Thank everyone for attending, and we hope to see you again!

- The Noctem Team ❤

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